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CLOTHESLINE STORIES is an interactive public art installation designed to connect community members through a common denominator - their clothes. Clothes hanging out to dry provide insight into the lives of the people who own them. Clothesline Stories interviews people about their clothes and then displays their stories within a unique and compelling environment. Inside the installation, participants hang an article of clothing on a line. When they do, the environment magically transforms into an immersive experience which reveals the owner of that piece of clothing and the story that they have to tell.    

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Gail and Judy have created a series of inclusive, technology-based immersive experiences that invite a sense of wonder and play. ART IN PLACES inspires people to interact with each other, share their personal reflections and tell their stories.

Other Projects

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2016 & 2017

TUBES is an evolving installation exploring the interaction between sound and movement. Participants immerse themselves into an internal world by stepping into a stretchy tube of translucent fabric that covers the body from head to toe. The fabric is reminiscent of Martha Graham’s costume for her renowned solo, Lamentations. Once inside the Tube, the participant becomes anonymous, forming a private space in a public “room.”

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Other Projects

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HER SELF - 2016

Judy Lieff Co-Director /Concept Choreographer/Editor

An interactive experimental film derived from traditions of portraiture in painting and dance choreography. Sponsored by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival short film corner.

DEAF JAM - 2012 – Current

Judy Lieff - Director/ Producer/ Concept/Distributer

A cultural initiative and feature documentary, which inspired collaborations between hearing and deaf youth. Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation On Screen/In Person 2016 tour focusing on community engagement. Broadcast Premiere on Emmy Award winning PBS series, Independent Lens, National Tour – ITVS Community Cinema, Awards: ITVS finishing funds, Japan Prize, Emerging Filmmaker Award - Philadelphia Jewish FF Selected for the 2013/2014 American Film Showcase



We began our artistic partnership at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). After a series of three projects involving participatory performance art, we formed Our public art creations reflect a culmination of our respective careers as artists and parents. Our work is often infused with playfulness and revolves around human interactions, documentary practices, installation design, and found choreographies in public spaces.  We are interested in and committed to immersing people in dynamic environments that result in creative engagement, spontaneous performance, and personal discovery. 


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